Our facilities consist of the Church building which houses the sanctuary and lower level classrooms and offices, the fellowship building, known as the “Vestry” and the parsonage. All areas are maintained by the support of the local congregation. Individuals and groups are welcome to use the church building and Vestry, for a modest fee*, and with the permission of the Pastor, or the Board of Resources and Finances.

*Contact the church office for details on fees.

Those wishing to use the sanctuary, the classrooms, or the Vestry are invited to make arrangements through the church office: (603) 887-4799.

Priority will be given to members and/or families of the Chester Congregational Baptist Church, in reserving dates.


There is no building usage fee for members of the Chester Congregational Baptist Church or their immediate family. There is a $50 wedding custodial fee for all users.


There is no building usage fee for funerals or memorial services (donations are accepted). Services must be arranged through and presided over by the Pastor of this church.