History of our Church

Chester became a chartered township on February 5, 1721. Soon after that, the first settlers of the town made plans for a public place of worship. The First Church Congregational was established in 1730 and the first meetinghouse built in 1731.

In 1772, the Congregational parish voted at their annual meeting in March to build a new meetinghouse within the next two years on this current site. In the early 1940s, the First Baptist Church of Chester decided to give up the independent support of a church building, due to dwindling membership, but wished to continue its existence as a Chester congregation rather than disperse to Baptist churches in other towns. Upon invitation of the Congregational Church of Chester, an agreement was worked out, and this agreement has continued with exceptional harmony and is still in effect. The two churches agreed to act as one congregation and to support one ministry, but each retains its own denominational affiliation (United Church of Christ and The American Baptist Churches).

Through the years, the Chester Congregational Baptist Churches have had a dedicated ministry of many laypersons and pastors working together to the glory of God. In worship, in planning for the future, in mission outreach, in teaching, in maintenance, in caring for one another, the Spirit of Christ has been reflected in the commitment and remembrances of so many. It is with deep gratitude for that commitment and Spirit which continues to exist, that we look to the future with hope and faith.

Two Hundred and Seventy Five Years!

In October of 2006, we celebrated 275 years! In honor of that event, Mrs. Joanne Millsaps compiled the history of the church, which was published by the Chester Historical Society.

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